Global Seafood Assurances
Global Seafood Assurances

Program Integrity

Program integrity is the cornerstone of our work. We have a dedicated team of staff working to ensure that our standards are credible, independent, and that all certified facilities are in complete compliance with standard requirements.

Standards Development

Our standards are developed using a robust and transparent multi-stakedholder process. All standards in the Best Fishery Practices program will be help to rigourous bench-marking requirements.

Certification Bodies

To be recognized by GSA, CBs must be credited under ISO/IEC 17065 by an International Forum-member accreditation body and a Multilateral Recognition Attrangement signatory to another internationally recognized scheme.

Logo Use

The SPS logo is a trust mark that tells yours customers your products are safe and resposible. Products that bear this mark are from facilities that have passed a GFSI-benchmarked food safety audi and were also audited against rigorous standards covering environmental impacts and social responsibility.

We maintain a logo-approval and logo policing process to ensure that the SPS logo is being used appropriately.

SPS Certified

Questions about logo use?

Questions about how to use the SPS logo? Reach out to use to ensure that you are using the SPS logo appropriately and that any claims associated with GSA and SPS are accurate.